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Barong has been giving houses the wow factor for many years building light and spacious extensions.

What’s the main difference between an orangery and an extension?

An orangery is a cross between a conservatory and a traditional extension. Made with brick-built pillars, orangeries are usually designed to feature a raised glass roof structure that can flood the space inside with natural light.

Although a single-storey extension (with a traditional flat roof) can feel more solid in stature, it’s important to use the right interior lighting or they can sometimes be dark and uninspiring.

What will the space be used for?

Extending the back of your property is one of the easiest ways to create more living space and add value to your home.

Whether you opt for an extension or orangery, you’ll obviously want it to look great once it’s finished. But before doing anything, you should consider why you want the extra space and how you’ll use it.

Orangeries are versatile and can be used as a kitchen, dining room, living room, play room, music room or office. But if you need something more sizeable or additional bedroom space, a two-storey extension may be the best option.

If you intend to sell your property in the near future, is it worth making a decision based on what will prove popular with prospective buyers?

Re-sale value should not be the most important factor, though, because a well-designed living space could help to improve your lifestyle – something you cannot put a price on.


Installing an orangery has become increasingly popular in recent years, giving customers the feeling of light and space of a conservatory but with the substance of a traditional extension. For some customers it is simply the look of an orangery that appeals. Internally the glazed lantern roof usually becomes the most stunning feature of the entire building, the phrase “wow factor” generally applies. The external appearance of the orangery can be designed to suit both the customer’s tastes and the local built environment. The range of colours, styles and configurations is limitless. A Barong installed orangery will typically feature a self cleaning solar control glass roof lantern or flat roof light and decorative exterior Cornice. We will incorporate both uPVC and aluminium windows and doors depending on your specific requirements. Barong will take care of the entire orangery project from concept to completion, from planning permission and building control approval, through to foundations, brickwork, creating new openings, plastering, underfloor heating and landscaping. We will project manage the build from start to finish ensuring the end result is precisely what the customer dreamt of.

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