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Barong is proud of its reputation of building probably the best conservatories in and around West Sussex. We are constantly complimented on not only our polite friendly approach and innovative designs but also our high standard of workmanship.

A conservatory is a unique structure; no two of our conservatories are exactly the same. They are as individual as the customers who aspire to own one, since their desires, perceptions and their situation will differ from everyone else’s. Coupled with our technical and design advice, we aim to realise the full potential of your dream, and bring it to reality.

Barong has over 42 years of experience in building conservatories so there are few challenges that we have not met before, or cannot overcome. Our design team, and the technical support to them is second to none. We are a friendly local company located in West Sussex and have previously won conservatory of the year with a large Victorian style installation.

Barong can also complement your conservatory with underfloor heating (electric or water); internal plastering or feature brickwork; external decking or paving; new openings to connect with your existing house and internal doors and partitions. In fact, anything you want, short of curtains, carpets and soft furnishings, you just have to ask.

Barong Proudly installs the leading UK manufacturer for conservatory roofs, Ultraframe. Contact us today to get a copy of the latest home extension catalog.



The popular Lean to conservatory provides a variable pitch solution and includes glazed side raked frames for maximum additional light. The Lean to model is a popular choice where existing height restrictions such as on a bungalow restrict the type of conservatory that can be installed.


Our Spanish Lean to style features a wide centre bay segment but with no ridge and provides an alternative hipped lean to conservatory design.


The very popular Edwardian is a square fronted conservatory maximising floor space. An Edwardian suit most properties especially modern.


A Gable End conservatory creates a higher roof feel and offers a variety of gable end designs including the popular sunburst .


The traditional Victorian conservatory is particularly suitable for older properties and is available in 3 and 5 bay segments.


The Spanish Victorian Conservatory features a wide centre bay segment to maximise floor space, proving a popular alternative to the traditional Victorian Conservatory.


Used to overcome height restrictions, a double hipped Edwardian or Victorian conservatory is suitable for properties where the height is restricted where the conservatory joins the house.

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