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Barong's exclusive range of uPVC and  Composite front doors are available in a wide range of style and colour options that will provide you a truly elegant entrance to your home. From traditional classics to modern styles, our collection offers exclusive deigns to suit every taste. The highest quality means you can rest assured that your door will look good for years to come.

Composite doors - Our Composite Door Collection are manufactured from GRP. They are compression Moulded to give a high definition panel design which offers an authentic timber appearance and the thermosetting process means they are unaffected by variations in temperature. Feel safe and secure with a multipoint locking system giving the highest standard of security to your home. All or locking mechanisms far exceed any insurance expectations with anti bump, Anti pick cylinders. Our standard composite doors are available from many manufacturers including Solidor, Hallmark, Virtuoso and many more.

Fibreglass composite doors - Our Profile Developments Palladio GRP entrance doors are very different from standard composite doors. The unique monocoque structure or Palladio is unlike any foam composite. It’s why Palladio doors are so much stronger and more secure. The finish of Palladio Entrance Doors is stunning. It looks much more like real wood because the door is cast from a real oak pattern.

There are sixteen different styles to choose from plus French door options.

Palladio Entrance Doors are triple glazed and can achieve an ‘A’ energy rating with a U value as low as 0.7. All Palladio doors are double rebated for maximum weather protection.

uPVC Doors - Incorporating all the best features of uPVC, Barongs entrance door range uses the same quality Eco70 profiles as our windows to ensure we offer the best style and performance. Complementing the profiles are wide rage of decorative panels. Individually created to help you choose the perfect door for your home, All our door panels are constructed from the highest quality PVC-U to keep them looking good for years with only the minimum of maintenance.

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